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Sitting & standing
kneeling chair

kneeling chair

Discover our kneeling chairs, specially designed to promote a correct ergonomic and physiological seating position with an open hip angle. With an angle of 135°, our kneeling stools enhance the natural curvature in the lower back, which is often recommended by physiotherapists for the prevention of lower back pain.

Contrary to what the name suggests, the supports of our kneeling stools rest on the shins and not on the knees. Thanks to the natural working posture you adopt, our kneeling stools stimulate blood circulation and breathing. Moreover, they strengthen the back and abdominal muscles and increase productivity due to the active sitting position.

The benefits of our kneeling stools at a glance:

  • Encourages an active sitting posture
  • Prevents and alleviates back problems
  • Stimulates blood circulation and breathing through the natural posture
  • Provides a comfortable seat thanks to the soft cushion
  • Experience the benefits of our kneeling stools for yourself and improve your sitting posture and well-being today!

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