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Computer work is a significant cause of RSI/CANS complaints. Improper use of a keyboard is a major risk factor in this regard. An ergonomic keyboard is an excellent tool for preventing these issues. Ergonomic keyboards come in many variations, such as mini keyboards and adjustable keyboards. Personal preference plays an important role in choosing an ergonomic keyboard.

Why use an ergonomic keyboard?

Ergonomic keyboards are essential in preventing RSI complaints. RSI/CANS is an umbrella term for complaints in the neck, shoulders, back, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, and fingers. These are typically caused by repetitive movements and prolonged static posture. Sufficient variation and movement during your work are therefore crucial. Furthermore, maintaining a healthy working posture is essential. The right tools, such as an ergonomic keyboard, can assist you in achieving that.

The use of an ergonomic keyboard is highly recommended for individuals who perform extensive computer tasks. We differentiate between mini keyboards, adjustable keyboards, numeric keyboards, and medical keyboards. They can be used in combination with both desktop computers and laptops.

Mini keyboards
A mini keyboard reduces the distance to the mouse, lowers muscle tension in the forearms, and is generally considered more comfortable than a standard keyboard. Compact keyboards are ergonomic because they omit the numeric part, allowing for a smaller distance to the mouse and enabling typing within the shoulder line. This reduces the strain on the shoulders and forearms, significantly decreasing the risk of RSI complaints. Mini keyboards are easy to carry due to their compact size, making them ideal for mobile workstations as well. Ergo2Work offers an extensive range of mini keyboards, such as the Ergo Compact Keyboard Wired White US and the S-board 840 Design Wired Silver US.

Split keyboards
These curved keyboards are usually height-adjustable, allowing the wrists to be positioned at a natural angle. Adjustable split keyboards promote a neutral and relaxed position of the forearms and wrists. These keyboards are available for both fixed and flexible workstations. Ergo2Work offers various models, such as the adjustable Goldtouch Keyboard Black US.

Numeric keyboards
If the numeric section of the keyboard is rarely used, it is better to use a keyboard without a numeric part, reducing the reach to the mouse. However, a numeric section is handy for individuals working extensively with numbers. External numeric keyboards provide a solution in such cases. They are connected separately from the keyboard and can be placed either to the right or left of the keyboard. We offer various models, such as the S-board Numeric Wired Silver and the Goldtouch Numeric Keyboard.

Medical keyboards
Waterproof keyboards and washable keyboards are ideal in environments where hygiene is crucial and where liquids are frequently involved.

If you feel that something is missing or if you have any questions about our keyboards, please contact us. We are here to assist you.

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