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Sitting & standing

Sitting & standing

Many people spend their workday sitting. Not everyone adopts an ergonomic sitting posture, which can lead to back and shoulder problems. But what is actually the solution for ergonomic sitting? When creating an ergonomically correct sitting posture, the following factors are important:

  • Correct seat height
  • Correct seat angle
  • Correct seat depth
  • Correct height and width of the armrests
  • Correct lumbar support

With an ergonomic office chair like the Score 5100 Medium ergonomic office chair, it is possible to adjust these aspects to your own work situation. In addition to office chairs, we also provide ergonomic saddle stools and balance balls.

Do you find it important to improve your sitting posture? Then take a look at our range of office chairs, ergonomic stools, and balance balls.

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