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Medical mouse

Hygiene is one of the most important aspects in medical environments - for patient safety, it's essential that all items are washable or can be easily cleaned. This of course applies to a computer mouse too. Traditional mice are often difficult to clean and disinfect. Silicone mice from Ergo2Work are specially designed to withstand fluids and dirt and to be easy to clean.

A medical mouse is ideal for environments where hygiene is crucial or where fluids are frequently used, so they are often used in medical or industrial environments. They're especially suitable for use by doctors and dentists, and in laboratories, clean-rooms, and in the food industry.

Advantages of a medical mouse

In medicine, it's necessary to clean and disinfect between treating each patient, but only when this can be done in a few seconds will it be done in practice. Therefore, the silicone computer mouse has a completely smooth surface with no edges or seams so that the disinfection is very fast and simple.

Due to their thin silicone layer, the mice are highly resistant to disinfectant fluids, making them perfect for the prevention of infection in hospitals. Besides their hygienic properties, the mice have a modern, compact appearance, so they do not look out of place on your desk, and they're just as comfortable and easy to work with as a normal mouse.

A range of medical mice

Ergo2Work has a range of hygienic mice such as the Purekeys and the Ergoclean, both white. The ErgoClean 160 Mouse White is completely resistant to dirt and water in accordance with the IP68 standard. It has a seamless surface and is resistant to most cleaning agents such as water, soap, disinfectant and alcohol. The mouse has five buttons, incuding a scroll-wheel.

The is also ideal for use in medical environments. This mouse has an IP66-coding, meaning that it's completely resistant to dust and water. We also offer the , the wireless variant that frees the user from being restricted by a cable, making it more ergonomic.

With our Ergonomic keyboards, these mice make a great combination for workplaces where hygiene is of the utmost importance.

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