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Ensemble de travail à domicile Bluetooth
Ensemble de travail à domicile Bluetooth
Ensemble de travail à domicile Bluetooth
Ensemble de travail à domicile Bluetooth
Ensemble de travail à domicile Bluetooth
Ensemble de travail à domicile Bluetooth

Ensemble de travail à domicile Bluetooth

Article number: 190.055
128,56 Including VAT
106,25 Excluding VAT

Complete set with over 15% discount! This ergonomic Bluetooth set includes:

  • Ewent Bluetooth Mini Keyboard White US
  • He Mouse Sport
  • Cricket Laptop/Tablet Stand Black

Are you working from home with your laptop or tablet but don't have the ergonomic essentials yet? With this set, you can easily and affordably create an ergonomic workspace at home. Since all the products are Bluetooth-enabled, you won't have cables cluttering your desk, won't risk losing USB receivers, and the set is particularly suitable for laptops with few USB ports. Plus, these compact products in the set are easy to carry in your laptop bag.

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If you're working from home on your laptop or tablet and want to avoid neck and shoulder discomfort after just an hour:

With this ergonomic Bluetooth home office set, you can start working ergonomically right away, and you get more than 15% discount!

This set includes the following products:

Cricket Laptop/Tablet Stand Black The Cricket laptop stand is continuously adjustable and suitable for nearly every laptop and tablet (8"-17"). Thanks to its compact design, it's very easy to carry and keeps your desk looking tidy and organized when in use.

HE Mouse Sport The HE Mouse Sport is unique due to its neutral, relaxed hand and wrist position combined with a perfect and comfortable grip. The vertical hand orientation during mouse control reduces muscle tension in the forearm. This mouse is perfect for preventing discomfort and also suitable for those with existing forearm issues. Additionally, this ergonomic mouse has an adjustable resolution of up to 3400 dpi and eliminates the need for annoying and cluttered wires on your desk because it operates via Bluetooth.

Ewent Bluetooth Mini Keyboard White US The Ewent keyboard is an ideal solution for users who work extensively with a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The keyboard connects easily to iOS, Android, and Windows devices through a Bluetooth v3.0 connection. Its slim and compact design makes it quick and easy to store. It's a perfect device for the home office, and its size ensures that it can be operated within shoulder width along with the mouse, helping to prevent neck and shoulder discomfort.

More information
Dimensions In the folded state: 200 x 25 x 50 mm.
Dimensions Width: 83 mm | Height: 76 mm | Depth: 105 mm
Dimensions Dimensions (WxHxD): 285 x 116 x 15 mm
Screen size 8 inches to 17 inches (approximately 20 to 43 cm)
Control Windows|Mac
Payload capacity 6 kg
Weight 270 grams
Weight 268 grams
Color Zilver|Zwart
Color Zilver|Wit
Material Aluminium|ABS kunststof|Rubber
Keyboard material Kunststof|Aluminium
Control Mac|Linux|Windows
Desired relaxation Schouder|Nek|Arm|Hand|Pols
Color Zilver|Overige kleuren
Additional information Minimum adjustable height: 2.54 cm | Maximum adjustable height: 17.5 cm | Includes microfiber carrying pouch | ROHS and WEEE certified.
Additional information Power Supply Type: 2x AAA batteries (included) | Ideal for use with a tablet or smartphone | Connection: Bluetooth V3.0 | 78 keys | Range: 12 meters | Layout: US Qwerty
Right-handed/left-handed Rechtshandig|Linkshandig|Rechts- en linkshandig
Control type Mac OSX 10.4 en nieuwer|Windows 98 en nieuwer|Linux
Control type Android en Windows 8 Phone|Windows 2000 en nieuwer; Mac OS 9 en nieuwer; iOS
Ensemble de travail à domicile Bluetooth
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