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FootrestsIf the office desk and its chair cannot be adjusted to cater for the shortest occupant, a footrest can provide the answer.
Footrest JuliaFootrest Julia
43,00 excl. VAT 43,00 incl. VAT 800.0192 in stock
4 adjustable heights (6cm- 9cm-12cm-15cm). Adjustable angle by gently pressing your feet.
Footrest ErgoStep 185Footrest ErgoStep 185
45,00 excl. VAT 45,00 incl. VAT 800.01510+ in stock
This very sturdy foot rest made out of hard PVC can be adjusted in 4 different heights (2 heigths at the front, 2 heights at the back). The rubber anti-slip surface gives extra comfort and prevents slipping.
Footrest with Massage Balls, Adjustable HeightFootrest with Massage Balls, Adjustable Height
48,00 excl. VAT 48,00 incl. VAT 800.0072 in stock
Adjustable to heights of 108, 140, and 171 mm. Adjustable angle.
50,00 excl. VAT 50,00 incl. VAT 800.0174 in stock
Stable footrest with adjustable angle. Dimension (wxdxh): 475 x 300, 50-90mm. Attractive chrome frame with sturdy platform
Footrest RelaxFootrest Relax
105,00 excl. VAT 105,00 incl. VAT 800.01850+ in stock
Height adjustable in three different settings. Intuitive tilt of footplate to activate the lower leg muscles. Upper soft padding so as “stretching out” is easily done.
HumanScale FM500 Natural FootrestHumanScale FM500 Natural Footrest
145,00 excl. VAT 145,00 incl. VAT 800.0241 in stock
This modern cherry wood footrest provides ergonomic support for your feet and the ability to move your legs. This encourages blood circulation in the legs, thus preventing problems in the long term.
Footrest 952Footrest 952
200,00 excl. VAT 200,00 incl. VAT 800.0161 in stock
This very stable footrest is adjustable in height from 60 to 270 mm.
Footrest 952 PROFootrest 952 PRO
187,00 excl. VAT 187,00 incl. VAT 800.0291 in stock
The Footrest 952 PRO is easy to use and smoothly adjustable from 80 to 300mm.