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Contour UnimouseSometimes it can be difficult to find an ergonomic mouse that exactly fits your hand and your preferences. The position of your hand is sometimes just not pleasant or the mouse is missing a comfortable thumb support. With these thoughts in mind, the Contour Unimouse has been developed - the angle of inclination and thumb support can be adjusted to your own preferences.

What is a Unimouse?

The Unimouse is a vertical ergonomic mouse that can be adjusted to suit your needs. This mouse adapts itself, as it were, to the user. The angle of inclination can be adjusted continuously between 35 and 70 degrees and the thumb support can be moved horizontally and vertically in all directions. In addition, the cursor speed can easily be adjusted in ten settings between 800 and 2800 dpi. The Unimouse has longer click buttons, so you can use your entire finger for the clicks. In addition, every Contour Unimouse has a rubber scroll wheel and a forward and back button.

Advantages of a Unimouse

The vertical design of the ergonomic Unimouse means less stress on your muscles than when using a traditional computer mouse. When using a vertical ergonomic mouse, your wrist, arm and hand are in a natural position, so that RSI problems get prevented or alleviated. You can compare a Unimouse with other vertical mice. The Unimouse is designed to be suitable for almost every hand size.

Different Unimouse models

At Ergo2Work you can order different Unimouse models. For example, a Unimouse with cable and a wireless Unimouse are available. Both models are suitable for right-handed use.

Tips for buying a Unimouse

Under the 'Specifications' tab, you can read all the technical information you need to make an informed choice for a Unimouse. If you are not yet fully convinced or would rather try the mouse first, you can also order a Unimouse on trial. You may then test the mouse without obligation for 28 days in your own working environment.
Contour UnimouseContour Unimouse
105,00 excl. VAT 105,00 incl. VAT 300.4055+ in stock
With a Contour Unimouse, you're choosing the perfect balance between ergonomics and comfort. It is designed so that you can adjust the angle of inclination to your own preference: from a slight angle of 35 degrees to a maximum angle of 70 degrees. The thumb rest is also easy to adjust horizontally and vertically.
Contour Unimouse WirelessContour Unimouse Wireless
125,00 excl. VAT 125,00 incl. VAT 300.4091 in stock
The design of the Wireless Unimouse combines ergonomics and comfort. The angle of inclination is continuously adjustable, so that you can set a natural position for the arm, wrist and hand, according to your own preferences. The vertical adjustability of the Unimouse combined with the adjustable thumb support ensures working comfort and optimal support.
Contour Unimouse LeftContour Unimouse Left
105,00 excl. VAT 105,00 incl. VAT 300.4245+ in stock
With a left-handed Unimouse you choose the perfect balance between ergonomics and comfort. This ergonomic mouse is designed in such a way that you can continuously adjust the angle of inclination, which ensures a neutral position of the arm, wrist and hand, according to your own preference: from a slight slope of 35 degrees to a maximum slope of 70 degrees.