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Magnifying glassesA magnifying glass is a very suitable tool for visually impaired people to make small text easier to read. Ergo2Work offers a varying range of magnifying glasses.
Hand magnifiersHand magnifiers
from 36,00 excl. VAT 36,00 incl. VATShowMG12D
Ergo2Work offers a wide range of hand magnifiers.
from 49,00 excl. VAT 49,00 incl. VATShowMG124
Ergo2Work offers a wide range of reading rulers.
Page MagnifiersPage Magnifiers
from 0,00 excl. VAT 0,00 incl. VATShowMG1B5
A page magnifier is an ideal tool for visually-impaired people who have difficulty reading books, letters or newspapers.
Electronic magnifiersElectronic magnifiers
from 0,00 excl. VAT 0,00 incl. VATShowMG123
Ergo2Work offers a wide range of electronic hand- and monitor magnifiers.
Eyeglass MagnifiersEyeglass Magnifiers
from 92,50 excl. VAT 92,50 incl. VATShowMG1B8
An Eyeglass Magnifier is ideal for precison and detailed working. It is a magnifier that is easily attached to spectacles with a clip.