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Ergo Compact keyboard black US
Ergo Compact keyboard black US
Ergo Compact keyboard black US
Ergo Compact keyboard black US
Ergo Compact keyboard black US

Ergo Compact keyboard black US

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The black Ergo Compact keyboard is thin, compact and has a light touch, which ensures a flat position of the wrists and less muscle tension.
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This mini keyboard is thin, compact and extremely ergonomically sound due to its light keystroke. The small size of the Ergo Compact keyboard also ensures that it can be operated within shoulder width together with the mouse. Because you work within the shoulder line, your arms and hands automatically assume a relaxed, natural position. RSI complaints are prevented, reduced or even disappear completely in this way.

Due to the light touch, the muscles in the arm and hand are simultaneously less stressed. This keyboard is therefore particularly suitable for people with RSI complaints in various ways.

Also in terms of design, this compact keyboard is not inferior. The sleek design ensures that the mini keyboard is also very suitable for representative-looking workplaces. It is reminiscent of Mac keyboards, which is desired by more and more users.

Due to its small size, the Ergo Compact keyboard is easy to transport. This makes this mini keyboard a good solution for flexible and mobile workplaces. For example, it can be used perfectly as an external keyboard for a laptop.

The Ergo Compact keyboard is also available in %%200.142|silver/white%%
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Dimensions Height: 15mm | Width: 285mm | Depth: 125mm
Weight 305 grams
Additional information Key press: scissor mechanism | Integrated numeric keypad | Layout: US (QWERTY. Also available in DE or BE layout) | Material: ABS Plastic | USB connection (plug & play) | Suitable for: all USB-supported systems
Right-handed/left-handed Rechtshandig|Linkshandig|Rechts- en linkshandig
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Ergo Compact keyboard black US
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