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R-go Compact Break + Numpad (US) Combo Set
R-go Compact Break + Numpad (US) Combo Set
R-go Compact Break + Numpad (US) Combo Set
R-go Compact Break + Numpad (US) Combo Set
R-go Compact Break + Numpad (US) Combo Set
R-go Compact Break + Numpad (US) Combo Set

R-go Compact Break + Numpad (US) Combo Set

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Combo set of the R-Go Compact Break keyboard and its corresponding numeric keypad. The combination of these products seamlessly complements each other and both feature the LED pause indicator to assist you in maintaining ergonomic work habits. The numeric keypad can be connected on either the left or right side for optimal desk space utilization, depending on your personal preference and situation.

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The R-go Compact Break keyboard and numeric keypad with a unique pause indicator help you maintain a healthy workday. The compact design with a light keystroke ensures that your arms, while using the keyboard, numeric keypad, and a mouse, stay within the shoulder line. The very light keystroke reduces muscle tension during typing. The entire set is extremely flat, allowing your hands and wrists to be in a relaxed position, promoting better blood circulation in the hands.

This compact keyboard set is equipped with a pause indicator. Both the keyboard and the numeric keypad use an LED color signal to indicate when it's time to take a break. To use this feature, you need to install the free software. While typing, the logo changes color similar to a traffic light. When the light is green, it means you can type healthy. When it turns orange, the keyboard indicates it's time for a short break of approximately 30 seconds. A red illuminated logo indicates that you've been working too long without a break. By taking the recommended short breaks, you can increase concentration and prevent overstrain. Thus, the R-go Compact Break keyboard helps you stay fit and free from discomfort throughout the workday! The numeric keypad can be placed (and connected) on both the left and right sides of the keyboard, making it suitable for both left- and right-handed use. When used on the left side for right-handed individuals, it creates space for the mouse on the right, optimizing work within the shoulder line.

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R-go Compact Break + Numpad (US) Combo Set
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